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  • Champions Cup in OSM, how exactly?

    Currently we’re working on the first few steps of implementing a Champions League-like tournament structure within OSM. Our goal of this new feature is to meet our manager’s demands and to bring more authenticity to the game. The first step we’re taking is to implement the group stage of this new type of tournament.

    The group stage is a short league with 4 teams, just like OSM is right now. There will be 8 different groups and each team will have it’s own objective. You will play 6 matches in total. E.g. group B with the following teams:

    • Barcelona
    • Tottenham Hotspur
    • PSV
    • Inter

    In the first stage of development these leagues will end after the group stage, so there won’t be a knockout stage yet.

    Our questions for you, the manager, are:

    • What are your thoughts and ideas of the group stage, will it be fun enough?
    • What would you miss?
    • What would you like to see?
    • What objectives would you like to see for the teams?
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