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  • Matches skipped 22nd August 2019 - Servers Down

    As many of you noticed we had major problems with our servers and no one was able to access OSM.

    This wasn't a schedule maintenance. This was a problem with OSM servers.

    Due to this issue, we decided to skip all the remaining simulations for today.
    This means that if your match use to be simulated after 20:00 H UTC, tonight simulations will be skipped and everything will be resumed tomorrow (all timers should automatically adjust)

    We know that some of you probably won't like our call, but we think it's the one that will be the best for the majority of the users on those servers.

    NOTE: We may not be able to 'disable' simulations on ALL servers, so, just to be on safe side, if you're still on time, do your line ups. If this happens to you, our sincere apologies, but it's out of our control. We have to rely on other services to do this!

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  • RE: Campeonato Nacional de España - CNE 2019

    @ooskar7 y no solo en OSM, en la vida real también pasa... Cuando menos te lo esperas, VAR y roja directa con un árbitro que se le veía tranquilo y feliz empezando una nueva temporada jajajaja

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