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  • RE: OSM WC 2017 Edition

    Yesterday i said that i will come back in 2-3 days but i won't let that anyone come here and imagine what happen and make his own movie about...

    1 - Why -4 points and -12 points?

    First of all, the correct punishment is a 7 days suspension. If someone of 4 managers prefer the suspension just PM me! Of course a suspended manager has 0 league points and will be the last placed in WC final league.

    -4 points for each match that the organization (Gamebasics + Forum representation of WC) determined after some days of study that is a match where collusion is showed clearly. If you win one of these matches, you get -3 points... Why -4 points per match then? Because is a punishment, not only cancel the match and quit the points. -4 is the minimum for me and this is why i suggest this punishment. Like someone said, if Oroncanà would stay at first position with those -4 points... He will be the winner anyway.

    If you all feel happy, yes i found during 1st round a minor percetange of suspicious matches, during semifinal too. No one of them has real value to determine which one wil be qualified to the next round with or without punishment but be sure that them won't be able to take part of next WC edition, we have a list saved with thos manager names!

    2 - Do you really think i'm interested to have tactics from other managers?

    Remember that i'm not the one who cheat or make collusion with other managers. I can share with you all my own tactics, i have a database with more than 10 that actually doesn't work bad, tactics that i make and update during more than 9 years here in OSM.
    I think those words are only no sense ones and want some attention here... Don't forget here is a topic where talk about WC, like i said i'm not the one who break OSM rules, nothing more to say about.

    3 - Come on Markez17 you are the worst manager, please go out!

    Don't forget that without me, this WC edition i think it won't be possible to be played... Do you think that i make it bad? I don't have problem to go out and don't repeat the experience to be an Events Manager in OSM.

    Think during some minutes about being WC organizer... You checked more than 400 managers during 1-2 months, send hundreds of PMs and prepare topic, post, rules, leagues, moderators, etc. only for make it possible. You must be sure that you set the correct moderators and they all invite other managers, more PMs, more posts and more doubts that must be solved. I don't win nothing with it... Ok, sorry! I win something... Big headaches thanks to managers that can't respect others and only know to write to sat bad things :)

    Find cheaters during recolecting points calendar, find cheaters during each round... And of course here no one is breaking rules, everyone is making always a fair play and can't understand that a organization punish them and find that they are not being fair managers.

    I don't have any friend in this game, sorry!

    4 - What happen now?

    I'm not interested to see how the topic became a war like i said, it's not neccesary to open the topic again. If someone feel the WC this year, congratulations you are a winner! But the official WC standing is the one that i share and it will be used for this and future editions.

    Please, go and send me a private message if you don't want that I repeat to be the WC organizer. Send me it to be sure that i make it so bad and i don't deserve the place. I don't want to waste my time with a competition where managers always prefer to give problems instead to play and have fun.

    Finally, don't forget to give thanks to those who can't play fair and want to make a mess of the WC and the OSM leagues in general, those who play and decide to let win ones and compete against the other.

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  • RE: League Updates

    Updated to 2017/18

    Italy 3rd A, B, C

    Transfers updated

    Turkey 2nd

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  • RE: League Updates

    @football-terorist-2013 said in League Updates:

    @blob59 I want to take a moment and applaud your decision to add profile pictures for some players.

    To make this game more realistic and interesting, you should add another cup in England. As we all know, England has three cups. The Community Shield, FA Cup and the Capital One Cup.
    I know that it means that there are a lot of matches to be played, but hey, the point is to make the game as realistic as possible, right?
    Also, adding team crests to all English Premier League teams wouldn't be a bad idea!

    These are just a few possible improvements I can think of at this time. I think a lot if people would agree with me and I hope you will too!
    Cheers :)

    Sorry but this would be a logistical nightmare to implement and not something we are able to consider at this time - the maximum size league we can offer on OSM is 24 teams.

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  • RE: OSM WC 2017

    Clasificación final

    alt text

    Para más información sobre la alteración de puntos y por consiguiente de posiciones:

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