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  • RE: Is the forum available on iOS App?


    Yes, you can't access the forums via the app but if you go to your app settings by clicking on your avatar at the career screen you'll see a button which will take you to the forums through any installed browser on your device.

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  • RE: About earn free osm boss coin


    Take a look at the Common-questions topic where you'll find what to do.

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  • RE: Música

    Boa noite meu amigos... ✨ 🌔

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  • RE: points


    It looks like you just returned back to OSM after a long time. You will have to wait for probably tomorrow before your profile will be updated and all your current manager points will be added to your profile.

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  • RE: Listen to the music

    @marinus99 said in Listen to the music:

    Last day of the music Challegne.

    Day 30: Post a song from the year you started playing OSM

    Last day of our music game ...already Mar? Boohoo... 😢

    I was signed on OSM on the 28th of April in 2014 . So let's see which songs rocked my world at that time... 😄
    Btw, according to the data from that year ( ) the Top 1 song was the Happy by Pharrell Williams and I'm sorry to say this but this song never really made me happy ... Sounds so childish to me... And another hit that I could not stand listening back then was the famous Take me to Church by Hozier ... Bliahhhh... 😝
    I must say though that the list of the Top 100 for year 2014 has so many amazing songs !

    Here's one that I also love to sing along whenever I listen to it from my radio, plus it reminds me of a good old friend who was actually the person who introduced me to the OSM planet . 😊 ( Cheers Dobby ! )

    I love Ed Sheeran's work and vocals guys (more than John Legend's who is ofc also great).Thinking out Loud & I see Fire , etc.

    It is Sia !! No comments needed... 💗

    Songs like the Rude by Magic or the Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz, made me feel happier than the Happy song..

    I was also singing the Royals by Lorde , great tune and lyrics if you ask me...

    Songs with strong meaningful lyrics like the Demons by Imagine Dragons and Superheroes by The Script..

    And sadly we had great songs coming from our beloved but late Avicii ... 😢 May he rest in peace ...Like the Hey Brother and the Wake me Up...

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