@derRömer Hello & welcome to the World forum.

As you can see for yourself I quoted your post and brought it in here because it is part of the tasks being asked from a Forum Moderator to do. We are asked and advised to keep the forum as tidy as possible. We avoid having too many similar topics. You were the one that admitted to have seen several topics talking about the same subject :Transferilst . And I quote your words:
" I know that there are already many, many posts regarding this topic but there is still so much uncertainty. At least for me. "
Nevertheless you chose to open one more topic for the exact same matter. Your post and questions belong in here, I believe I have answered already to another fellow manager and provided two links about your questions on my previous posts right on this topic. Please use these links to get the required infos to your questions. Please do not spam other topics for no reason whatsoever. It is against the forum rules.
Note: I had to delete your original topic last night but missed this action, I will do it now. I will also have to delete your spamming post on the other topic about "Using scout properly". This is not the way to move around the forum.
I also leave this topic open in case any other manager or Forum Mod wishes to add something different about the Transferilsts.

Thank you all in advance and have a nice Sunday.