The Most Disgusting Manager that i've ever met

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    This is disgusting, this swedish manager is really disgusting. i just join english league and it's already round 34. so i join arsenal because there is no manager in that club. but there is something wrong when i see the transfer list, my best player just gone with cheap price. there is 8 swedish manager and they working together to give the money to crystal palace. but why they're doing this? can someone report this league or i already report the manager, but not at all there is too many. what should i do to stop this manager.

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    @Luigi-Fernando I think you just need to report the main manager. Let's say this Crystal Palace manager in this case. And when they found something illegal, I believe this manager and the gang related would be banned.

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    This indeed will not be discussed at the forums, please report it through the system by going to the managers profile.