Transfer market mechanics.

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    I had an argue with my friend, who claims, that the players on transfer market list are chosen by the computer(game mechanics), which means that they are not put on the list by the players from other leagues(my opinion). Could you tell me who is right? Because he don't want to believe, that it's just players from other leagues who put their players on the transfer market, and you can't negotiate with them, because it would allow you(for example) to play two teams and transfer your players from one of your teams to another one by the lowest price possible.

  • The players that are on the transfer market are, I think (I am not a MOD), random. So they will be there randomly. They can't be put from other competitions because the day of competition is probably different.

    When I played 1-2 years ago, there is a scout. It is still here but I dont know for sure if it is still here. When you scout somebody with your options, the scout will find 1 player. That player from your scout, will be put on the transfer list. I dont know if it is still this way, somebody else need to correct me on this one.

    But the question on your answer is: No, the players that are on the transfer list is not placed by real human managers from other leagues.

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    Your friend has the right answer. Players who are from different teams then the teams in your league are there because the engine (game mechanics) put them randomly up on the transferlist. You are right that you can't negotiate a price for those players. The price that is listed on the transferlist is the price you have to pay for those players. Although they do drop in price a little bit every time the transferengine runs down your league.

    Managers who put players up on the transferlist only shows on the transferlist in that same league the manager is in.

  • Thanks again Eddie.