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    In response to your previous topic, I also agree that the tiebreaker should be decided by direct confrontation and not by goal difference. It is much more meaningfull and it would be acting according with real championships rules.

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    Is not necessary to open a new post 😄 Post in this link https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/3313/championship-s-tiebreaker

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    @Lirind , sorry I have to post it here because that link is not working anymore. It said 'quite old' when I was trying to post there.
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    Hi mates..
    I have exactly the same situation right now. I'm standing 2nd in the league with 1 match left, same points with 1st place team but worse goal difference. And guess what? I have better head to head matches againts this team (I won home and away). So, if direct confrontation was the decider then I should be the 1st place. Unfortunately I'm not, cause I know OSM use the goal difference rules. Like it or not, I have to accept that..

    Just for your information, there are 2 ways to determine the winner of a championship in real footbal in case situation like this.
    The first one is goal difference rules, like in England Premier League, Germany Bundesliga, France Ligue 1, etc..
    The second is head to head matches between teams in question (direct confrontation), like in Italy Serie A, Spain LaLiga, Portugal Primeira Liga, Greece Super League, etc..

    For me, each way has it's own advantages (or disadvantages). It depends on your point of view.

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    I forgot to mention Lirind's home country, FYR Macedonia. Sorry mate..😄
    FYR Macedonia PRVA MFL use the goal difference rules, right?

  • @Hansinho If was head to head and you win home and lost away that means draw and who will decide to win the champion?

    For me is good how it is the goal difference rule

    By they way my home FF of FYROM don't know the rule ( goal diff. or head to head ) but till now I haven't hear that an Team have won the title by goal diff., and in my home have 4 season in one year, so the chances are less by goal difference

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    @Lirind , the details are slightly different from one country to another. But in general, for those countries use the head to head rules, in the event of a points tie the following will apply:

    1. Points from matches between teams.
    2. Goal difference from matches between teams.
    3. Most scored goals from matches between teams.
    4. Goal difference from all matches.
    5. Most scored goals from all matches.

    In the event of a tie between 3 or more teams, a special league table for the matches amongst those teams will apply.

    And for FF of FYROM, as far as I know, there are 10 teams in PRVA MFL for the last 3 years. They meet each other 3 times. After 27 games, teams separated in 2 groups of 6 (championship) and 4 (relegation), and will play 5 respectively 6 more games, and the points will be added on the first 27 games. Note: after table splits, no team from championship group can drop into bottom one (vice versa), irrespective of points earned.
    In the event of a points tie, the following will apply:

    1. Goal difference.
    2. Most scored goals.
    3. Most scored goals on away games.