Is cheating report working?

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    Is cheating report working?

    In one of my leagues a player owns 3 teams and he's selling players from one team to the others at high price then buy them back at very low price.
    Only today he profit more than 70M with 2 transfers.

    I reported him 3 times but he still playing.

    He just killed all th efun of the league because he can buy all the best players with no effort.

  • @ajs1974 Hi welcome! :slight_smile:
    Please do not share these topics in the forums, otherwise you will be penalized.
    Please enter the profile of the manager you think you are cheating by clicking on the 'report cheat' section. Osm Personnel will review them. 👍

  • To be fair that is quite blatant cheating, he's not even hiding it well.

    Hope that gets sorted for you quickly mate! Shame your league is now ruined and some lucky player will inherit a beast team.

  • Mate make screenshots of his transfers with Bayern Munich.
    Open his squad and after that click on transfers, you will see all his transfer history.
    Make screenshots of all this transfers and describe the situation and he will be suspended 100%. 🙂

  • Hi, welcome.
    Yes cheating report system is working fine.
    But as you probably understand, your not the only one that sends in reports.
    I will close this topic now, because it will not be discussed at the forums