• Hi guys
    I am new to OSM with lots of noob questions. I could not find any source for games guideline and it is weird!

    My questions:

    1-What happens to clubs money after the end of season?
    2-Can I continue coaching the team after season end or I am forced to choose a new one?
    3-What happens to my improvements on Stadium after season end?
    4-How to remove friends?
    5-How to buy players from other Leagues?
    6-How much faster is the training of a 20 years old player compare to 25 and 30 years old one? (in percent)

    Thanks in advance for your replay

  • @Sir-Patriots Hi mate

    Questions 1, 2 and 3 - when the league finish all will be reset from the beginning, either you play on the same league but from the beginning or you can choose a new league

    1. Just go on your frends profile and you'll see the option "Unfriend" http://prntscr.com/eg7udm

    2. You can buy players only through transferlist and scout

    3. a 20 years old is more easy to increase his ability but in percent dont know 😄

  • So what is the goal of the game?!!!
    Just achivements?!!!

    In this scenario after one season it will be boring to continue! and there is no way to make a weak team champion.

  • @Sir-Patriots

    no is not just achivements, the goal of the game you have on the first page when you write the link of OSM: Be the best football manager!

    For me boring will be if OSM is more than one season because I'll do my team very stronger than other and none can beat me and where is the pleasure here, wouldn't have....

    Yes you can mate, to make a weaker team a champion you need to buy players as faster as you can and of course, without good tactic you cant win the champion ( this is and with stronger teams )

  • I personally prefer to start from division 3 with a really weak team which is going to broke and after 20 seasons make it world champion.

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    @Lirind Hi, it is mean after the season ends all our players stats will be reset? I dont see what's the point of growing players if it resets? Because spending so much time in transfer market, buying and selling players, earn more money and upgrade the players, stadium and finally all this going waste in the end.. 😒😒

  • English Moderator

    OSM is one season game....this makes it special...playing with different teams and try to achieve your goal....and recently has been introduced the winners cup, where from some leagues you can continue with the same team, in the winners cup league and play more games with the same team of course....