Erasing my team selection

  • Hi

    How do I erase my entire team on the field on the app thanks shaking the phone doesn't work anymore

  • Anyone? Thanks.

  • English Moderator

    @_Ilias_123_NL Hello Ilias 🙂
    Haha, yeah shaking your poor phone is not gonna help you mate.
    While you are inside your osm app you must first click on your Line-up from your menu, then look at your left bottom the tiny icon of the garbage can and please click on it. This way you will see that a tiny x symbol appears upon each one of your players. Click one by one to delete them from your line up. Likewise you can also erase your bench players if you look at the icon at the right bottom of your screen, click and hold for one second on each player to view the x symbol appearing for them too.
    Good luck Ilias. 😉