• Portuguese Users

    Hi All,

    I have download the OSM Game App for Android and I have created a new Manager profile and no problems so far (no e-mail was asked). I have changed mobile phone and downloaded the App to the new phone and realised that I can't log in with that Manager name anymore since it ask for a password which was never asked from me. When I try to join my new Manager profile with my e-mail address it says that it's already in use. I have deleted that account, but now I can't continue with the new one.

    Is it possible to add the e-mail of my old account to the new one I am using?


  • @Kabeda Hi mate

    No is not possible, you need to create a new email

  • Hi, welcome.
    Indeed you need to create a new email, next time it's maybe a idea to ask for support first if you have any problems with your account 😉