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  • In your main page, instead of choose league it's saying "Check out your invite!" but when i click it, it throws me to your error page. The same happens when i click Friends because it shows me an alert. Can you fix my problem, please?

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    And before that i had this problem :


  • And not a single admin cared..

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    Hi mate,

    The chances of your topic been 'lost' in the middle of others is high 😉

    But your problem was addressed on 'the central' topic where users weren't able to pick a team and this was fixed yesterday.

    If that's not the case with you, can you please explain us step by step what you're doing and which error you're having so we can try to reproduce it and fix it? Please add also all the relevant information and screenshots of the problem.
    You can find the 'template' with the info needed on this topic

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    No respons from the OP, so time to close this one.


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