Preparation Days reduced to nothing

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    Dear Sir / Madam

    I have just started my own league "1331" (Greek League) - I am the moderator and so far am the only human participant of this league. Earlier today the league read 72 hours until the first match, it is now 19:14 and my league now reads 23 hours 49 minutes until the first game! What happened to the 3 days worth of preparation? Please could someone message back as soon as possible so that I can arrange this league for the friends who will enter over the next couple of days?

    Thank you and Kind Regards

  • @kas1080 Hi mate

    The timer on your Home page (house) tells you when the next simulation starts. The timer on the notficiations page (the clock) tells you the time to your next match. You can also view your match calendar to see when a match begins.

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    @Lirind Thanks!