• Come mai sono molti giorni che mi da tutte le squadre occupate nel pre campionato? Quanto tempo impiegano a liberarsi per un nuovo campionato ?

  • @dadobeba Hello my friend and welcome to the new OSM forums. 🙂

    About your question : Every new league offers to the manager 4 Preparation Days. During these 4 days you have the time to organise your team: a) To train your top players and b) To sell the low rated players on the Transferlist and earn club funds to buy new and better ones for your team. You can do that by using the league's transferlist or / and your Scout. After those 4 preparation days are over your league's matches will begin. 😉
    Best of luck with your Italian league mate ! :v_tone2:

    Now, about your posts in here.
    I have to inform you that this is the World Forum and we must all use the English language to understand each other.
    You can also join your own Group of language and Italian community if you simply : Log out from your forum page and log in right back. This way the IT forum will be added on your menu.

    Thanks and enjoy the forums! :thumbsup_tone2: