• What a trifle I have lost the game so I do not know if I qualify for the Cup or do not want to get it

  • @Mahmoud-Tablia10 Hi Mahmoud and welcome to the OSM game and World forum. 🙂

    So what exactly is troubling you my friend? You are a football manager for only 5 days in here. And according to your profile you are a big fan of football but why do you feel so hurt mate? Whatever you need to learn about this game, all you have to do is open a new topic , make your posts and ask your questions on the Support category of the forum.
    Also if you feel more comfortable using your own native language then you have to : Log out from your forum page and loggin right back and this way the Arabic community's forum will be added automatically on your menu for you to use it. 😉
    Just take your time to get familiar with the game's features and you will improve day by day your managerial skills. :thumbsup_tone2:

    Enjoy your gaming time Mahmoud and I'm wishing you best of luck with your OSM adventures ! :v_tone2: