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    Fairy Story mythology


    A myth submitted to the site by Richard Boxshall

    China, China

    The suns were the ten children of Di Jun, the God of the eastern sky. Each morning one of the suns would rise, climb into a chariot pulled by a dragon, and ride across the sky bringing light to the different parts of the world. In this way the earth got the right amount of sunshine, at the different seasons of the year.

    But the ten suns grew bored. They wanted to work together and, one day, they woke early and rode across the sky together in their chariots.

    The Earth hated it. It burnt. It cracked. The rivers ran dry. Animals and people grew weak with the heat. But the ten suns were enjoying themselves and would not listen to those who asked them to stop. They laughed and carried on riding around the sky.

    Even their father, Di Jun, had no influence over them. To save the world he sent for the Divine Archer and gave him a magic bow ...

    The Archer flew on the wind, down to the highest mountain he could see. He had nine arrows in his quiver and, one by one, he shot an arrow at each of the suns. As each arrow struck, the sun exploded and turned into a bird.

    By the end of the day, only one sun remained. Next day he rose again and his sad tears filled the rivers and made the plants grow again. And that is the sun we see today.

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