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    Hi OSM Support team,

    I just have a recomendation to this lovely game!
    I created a private league with my friends but we didn't choose the strongest teams so computer will take control on them.
    We discover that is kind of impossible to buy players from computer teams and that is nonsense (even if i make an offer of 2.5 the value of the player).

    We please ask you to update this "bug" so computer teams can sell their players if offers are like twice the value of a player (to be fair and to prevent all people from buying the best players easily).

    You can program easily that computer acepts an offer that is * 2 the value of a player. And of course limit the number of players that can be sold from each field position (like if a team plays in 4-3-3 it should have 8-6-6 players at least, and the 2 goalkeepers).

    Best Regard,
    TheOld 😉

  • Yeah I agrEE

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate....so what you propose really, is to open a league, take a low goal team to be able to make more manager points playing against stronger teams and then you ask from OSM to give you the opportunity, to buy all the good players from the good teams, make them weaker , to be able to beat them easily????

  • By the way the first post was made 3 years ago so he probably won't respond.

  • English Moderator

    SO next time take care and don't bring old topics to the surface, when having nothing new to add...closed...