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    I know this was asked from the moment the overhaul happened, and even then moderators on fora just answered with 'we're working on it'. I mean, it's been a while, hasn't it? How can so many leagues / competitions be transferred to this new engine but Fantasy League, arguably one of the most entertaining formats, be left out for so long? Can someone just say honestly if it's coming back at all?

    I've been playing this since 2005. This new coin system is a mess and was clearly designed to bring more money in than the old season tickets did. Scouting remains horrible in this new format. Tactics haven't been expanded on at all, the horrible numbing down of player ratings since two or more years now. But hey, these aren't new complaints since a year ago. For me, the availability of a gamemode such as Fantasy League would aleviate these annoying new elements to the engine. And no, it's not all bad. There are positives imo as well => i very much like the new training system as wel as the practice matches which supplement training, but still ...

  • @Gyro hi, welcome
    Yes it comes back at some point, but we never give any time frames for it.
    Next time ask questions at support please.