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    So if I empty my lineup for the net game. WIll the CPU create fill in players for me or will the other team play against no one?


  • The CPU will fill it for you. For example a "bot-team" must have a line up, and a defender can be as a midfielder then also, which is not really optimal..

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    @RödVitt I agree but with the most highly recommended players

  • @Pingu-Noot , @Abubeker-NFL Hello from me too my mates and welcome to the OSM game & World Forum 🙂

    What happens when a manager cleans up / empties the line up and for whatever reason does not place new players for the upcoming round :

    1. The OSM engine chooses for you ( the so called Assistant manager ) randomly available players from your squad. Meaning players that are not in training session , but it doesn't mean they will be your top rated ones or the most fitted.
    2. The formation and the tactics used for the new round will be the exact ones you have chosen for your previous match. No changes at all there. So that means :
      ⚠ If for example you had gone with Reckless tackling on your previous round while you had a mild Referee; the game engine will continue with Reckless even if your new match has a very strict Referee. And of course this is dangerous for your results.

    All in all, the OSM engine rewards in a way the managers that work harder and for the best of their own team. 😉

    That's all my friends. Good luck ! :v_tone2: