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  • Hey i wanna ask about player ratings how it works for example if i play 4-5-1 which atacker is better 90/9 or 90/40 for examlpe? how it works also with defenders and mid 🙂

  • I think there's no difference between 90/9 and 90/40 unless you choose your striker to help your mids or def. Usually forward players with high def play better on the wings

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    @Karol3 Hello mate and welcome to the OSM game & Forums. 🙂
    About your question
    My guess is that every manager forms his/hers personal idea on what kind of players should be scouted. I can answer you for myself that , since one of my favorite formations is the 433 Wing play , I think of the ratings of top players like Messi or Ronaldo etc and I try to recruit young forwards with high defensive ratings as well for my game.
    About my mids, I prefer them All round or Attacking minded ones.
    And my defs , should also have high enough attacking mindsetting. I feel this way I can exploit their capacity in the best way no matter how I need them to be placed on the field.
    Of course that's just my personal view on this matter.

    Let's see if we'll get more posts and opinions about this subject.
    Great topic for discussion imo.

    Thank you for that Carol. 🙂

  • @77Ezio i agree @karol3 you should put players in this wise

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 @77Ezio @Bilocan-Bingul thanks for sharing your opinions guys! 🙂

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Yeah ! In my opinion mid atacker should have low def! it means he is typical '9' every middle atacker from real world have low def in osm! 😄 same with defender and midfielders! i think they must play better on their real world own postions (sorry for my bad english LUL )

  • @Karol3 im beter of deciding with the 90/40 depending on your team

  • @Karol3 , Hi mate..

    Let's say you don't know which one is better. But if you had a chance to choose between 90/9 and 90/40 forward, who would you pick? Of course we're talking about 2 players with same age, etc.. You would not think that 90/40 is worse than 90/9 right? 😉

    I believe the value of 90/40 forward is higher than 90/9 one for reasons. So I have to agree with @SUPERNOVA-8 , that forwards with high defensive ratings should be better than ones with lower def ratings no matter how you need them to be placed. Same thing should apply for defenders.

    Of course it's just my personal opinion also..

  • I think 90/9 attacker is better for 4-5-1

  • The attcaker with 90/40 is better if you put him to support defense or midfielders, the striker with 90/9 is better when he only stay offensive

  • I also play 4-5-1 and for me it's important that I have a striker with low defensive stats. In my tactic, I always let them play offensive and it works really well with lower teams in the competition

  • @lenfeyenoord_NL

    Yes, because your striker need to stay focus in attack, not in defense.

  • Atk phrase vs Def phrase

    On ball vs Off ball

    Go figure.

    I can tell you for almost 100% certainty that defenders with higher atk rating lead to more goals and assists.

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