Lost player and coins please help

  • Hi can anyone help me, I scouted today for a midfielder I bought one then went back and bought another, a fault message came up but it didn't bother me as when I looked at my team the player was there. I logged in later and now the player has gone and so has the founds, so no player and lost coins. If anyone could help it would be great.

  • RİP bro dont cry

  • @Sir-Zeus mate i think crash game temporarily you should post an email osm staff about this topic

  • Hi, welcome.
    You need to provide us some screens of selection without the player and one from the player bought.

  • English Moderator

    @Bilocan-Bingul My friend we thank you for trying to help a fellow manager :thumbsup_tone2: , but I also need to ask you to please next time if you are not sure of the right answer do not make a post about it. ;)

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    @samihgulerler As for you my friend, I regret to say it but your post will be flagged . You have posted a spam message and made fun of a fellow manager in trouble. This behavior is against the OSM Terms of use and surely not what we expect from our respectful forumers. You have been warned my friend. Be careful on your future posts or I'm afraid you will get a forum ban. :disappointed:

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