Suggestion: Forum for Serbian community

  • You know before few years rs. version existed in this game.
    Many managers asked for returning back the version, but it's obvious that this will not happen.
    I am not asking for this.

    I am wondering, is it possible to make a place in the forum where managers from EX-YU could speak in their native language?
    To communicate more and to help each other...
    In the moment ''forum groups'' are not related with the ''game version'' that you are using, therefore I really do not see any barriers. For example you can login through the en. (english) version but in the same time you can be part of Russian, Arabic, Spanish etc. group in the forum, and all this without loging out and changing versions like it was before.
    For example now I want to organize a tournament for the Serbian ''community'' but I don't have a place to write in my own language. I am not asking for some changes related to the game, only a small place in the forum.
    In the end I will remind you that using of own native language is one of the basic human rights everywhere in the world... 🙂

  • English Moderator

    This has been talked many times and been answered much more. It would be nice for everyone to have it's own language forum, but as said before that is not possible for all languages...besides the number of managers, it has to with the activity of managers, the staff members for the forum and many other things to run properly....hopefully, as managers of some language increase in this game, maybe we will see some new forums introduced...and why not having a Greek language forum, as before...😉