Account: Slot 1

Hello i dont understand how i tied a game that i should have EASILY won
heres a print of my team (crystal palace) https://gyazo.com/25805f3d28a18e6d2f18f79cd7acb7b4
(i was playing with the player who are training right now)
and heres a print of the oponent (Middlesbrough) https://gyazo.com/0d96b9ed21b1b19c6590ad2ca980b661
(sry about quality)
im mad because i was first and in my league NEVER lost a game i WANTED to end first to gain trophy and achievements and now because of this i wont be able to so plz ADMIN fix it or explain to me why i lost
Print of my league https://gyazo.com/9728be6585ca4b3a646734777bdd4263

so plz ADMIN fix it
thank you