How is this possible?

  • Why the fuck can i not log out on my osm app, this is really a joke. Even u delete the all and reinstall, after a while it just logs in on one account.
    Osm was too good before, now it is only become bad on many aspects. It so unprofesional the app doesnt even work proper

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    You can't log out from the OSM app, because you are can only have one account. So logging out from your account isn't needed then.

  • At the begin of the app i had make a new account with random like agahs nickname. And now i get everytime get log in on that account, and not in my old account

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    Then you can delete the newly created account by logging on to the website. Use the following steps:

    First, set an e-mailadress to your new account if you haven't done that. You can do that inside the app. Make sure to use a different e-mailadress than the one you have on this account. Go to the website and click on forget password. Get a new password from there and login to your account on the website. From there on click on your managername :arrow_right: Profile :arrow_right: Change :arrow_right: Delete account.

    If you still log on to the newly created account after deleting it, you will have to send an e-mail to There they can help you further to login back to your old account.

  • Thanks for the help Eddie :wink:

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