Board being angry before season start

  • Should be a really small fix, but right now, before starting a season, the board is angry at me because I'm below the desired rank. When opening the board-tab, it does not show the board-members and there is a message box, telling me they will be back soon. There is still another box telling their mood is negative.

    I would like to suggest you lose or upgrade that message box. The white color looks pretty ugly against the awesome background. Furthermore, I think it is a good idea to keep the mood "neutral" before the season has started.

    Additional suggestion: If I were managing a small team with let's say rank 10 as goal and had to face a high-end team the first round, lose big and end up at the bottom of the ranks, I would see this box telling me the board is really angry at me for losing against a team that for my capability is almost impossible to win from. Maybe the developers can add some sort of weight to certain wins and losses, to make the experience even more realistic and keep the player's spirit up after a first loss. This way players will less likely wind up resigning after a couple of matches, keeping the number of managers per season/league higher and that way create more intensity, as playing against another player is always more interesting than playing against a computer/the house.

    Just a small suggestion, would like to hear feedback!

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    Hi, Erik.. I'm so interested about your additional suggestion..

    I can see your point about keeping the managers and make the game more interesting. I agree 100% with you that playing against human managers is far more fun and exciting than against computers. That is how this game should be, right? Be the best manager! - among others, and not computers. 😉

    I just don't see the reason manager resign because of the reaction of the board. For me, that's not essential. You can ignore the board, especially at the start of the season.😜
    For many cases, there are so many managers resigned after a few games were coming from high goal teams actually. The manager resigned after he/she lost, or even a draw, againts a low goal team for example.

    I'm playing in French league right now. When I started, there was about 14 human managers in that league. I thought it would be interesting, especially when I realised that I was the only one from other country. They're all from the same country. 😮
    But.. after a few games, managers started to resign. The reason like I said earlier, I guess. And after half way of the season, there are only 5 managers left including me. It's frustrating.. 😞

    So.. I would like to make a little suggestion here.. I think there should be a step back for resigned manager. The more he/she resigned, the more the step back should be applied. For what I think right now is his/her MPts decrease. The details can be arranged. So every manager should be think twice before resign.

    This is only my opinion. I don't mean anything to offend anybody. I just want to make this game better for everyone... Peace ✌

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    @Hansinho i agree all.i playing turkey league(alanyaspor my team) when i started the league we have 10 managers but other managers after losing match they resing club(especially big team managers).i think really this is very sad

  • @Hansinho
    Great idea, and make sure that the penalty for leaving a high-goal team is higher than for a lower-goal team!

    Again, great idea!

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    @Bilocan-Bingul , I'm sorry for you mate. Yeah, I know the feeling 😞

    Just in case you didn't know, there is a slightly related topic in this forum (League Recruits) made by @Hespera , where you can advertise your league for managers to join, and make it more competitive. Thx her for that. But for many occasions, the timing might not right for a spesific league you interested to join. And still.. that's not the main issue here. Managers could easily resign without any compensations and left the league empty.

    I know that the resigned record will put in the manager's profile. But it seems nobody really cares about it. Once again I'm sorry.✌ I just want this game get better. Cause I love this game..

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    @RightSlider_NL , Thx mate..

    If this suggestion would be accepted, just let the ones in charge decide it 😄
    But I think it should be the same for every single team. Low goal teams or high goal ones have their own (dis)advantages, right? And the issue here is the resigned managers, not the teams.

    And I'm not really sure whether you're a new manager or just made a new account 😉
    Again, thx mate..