Achievement savings account

  • Hello,

    There is an achievement for putting all your money on your savings account. Did this several times, but I won't get the achievement. Any idea what is going wrong?

  • Hi @Hyballa1900_NL ,

    I believe you need to have all your money on your savings account while the match is being played. I do not know if that is what you're doing or not. If all your money is on your savings account during the simulation (match being played) you'll also receive interest on your savings.

  • Will try that today! Thanks

  • No problem @Hyballa1900_NL ;)

    If that is not working you can report it as a bug. When you put all your money today in your savings account, please make a screenshot of it (screenshot should be full screen, URL and time should be visible on your screenshot). With that screenshot you can prove that you put all your money on your savings account. On the following page: Bug report template you can find how you should report a bug. If the achievement is unlocked after the match of tonight there is no need to make a bug report ;)

  • Thanks, it's indeed true that it all money must be on savings account while match is played to get that achievement.
    So for now I will close this topic.

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