Messi is great but not the greatest of Cristiano Ronaldo!

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    Whenever the brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo graduated Catalan votes on the confirmation that Cristiano Ronaldo is not as great as Lionel Messi and he is just a player hardworking and distinctive, but it will not reach the rank Messi.

    Debates and conflicts have never been the first measure of truth, but history, figures and statistics never lie. If we return to January 2013 when Lionel Messi was named World Player of the Year for the fourth time in his history, Ronaldo was then his second place so Balotelli and Zalatan Ibrahimovic said Ronaldo was the most person lucky in history because it is the first book platform close to an event honoring Messi.

    Ronaldo then was 27 years old while Messi was 23 years old and Ronaldo had a single gold ball while Messi had four gold balls by reason of time. Everyone bet on Ronaldo that he would remain a big bad luck player because he came at the time of Lionel Messi. The situation has worsened and that the Barcelona Mktzh dominant while Real Madrid case like a big case of Ronaldo and a good team, but not in full presence in the era of Almighty Iniesta and Chavy and Messi and the rest of the comrades of the Catalan battalion.

    Ronaldo alone was not convinced by the logic of the world and I know that the road is very difficult but only reaches those who respect the rules of travel and who appreciates his abilities. He decided and Ronaldo began gradually to dazzle everyone. Suddenly, the 29-year-old celebrated in January 2014 the World Player of the Year 2013.

    Ronaldo started two more golds and started to get more enthusiastic, but the comparison is still in the interest of Argentina's Bargut, but Real and Ronaldo continued to work and surprised us with four titles in 2014. Ronaldo then announced that he was transformed from a shadow to a player worthy of full recognition.

    The situation changed and Messi returned to the front with a deserved gold ball from 2015 and the proceeds of the riyal fell, but did not decline the proceeds of the Don and began to Messi reached his fifth card and Barcelona returned to dominate before the player exceeded the thirtieth and is supposed to have started in Taibs but because it is equivalent to inability to understand one of them Ronaldo continued to work, and with the change of the Real situation in the departure of Benitez and the arrival of Zidane, the Madera missile exploded again and achieved the Champions League, but access to the Golden Ball is not easy, especially with the brilliance of Grizman with Atletico Madrid and France and the strength of Luis Suarez terrible throughout the season is still Messi plays the most beautiful tunes Albeit on a more personal scale.

    The pressure grew more and more against Ronaldo, who decided to offer a different euro, not the only hero of Portugal, but he was the inspiring hero of his teammates. When Portugal needed the renaissance, he impressed us with two goals against Hungary and contributed to qualifying for the final and a genius against Croatia. And then we found it takes everyone with a film head to lead the team to the final of Paris and then achieved the Club World Cup with the Real Madrid and decided everything about the balloon the fourth role in its history to make the difference between Messi and one gold ball and becomes almost the same amount with Barghut and we Na in the field of talk about it from him every style has Messi world skills and dazed Ronaldo dazzled everyone by insisting, dedication and diligence.

    Ronaldo, the difference between Messi and a single gold ball and the Champions League only, although the copy of the Champions League 2006 Macy had no effective role at all but eventually calculated him but at the same time Ronaldo win in the euro all the voices that say that Ronaldo is not as great The greatness of Messi Bell, but what he did in the Euro brought him to the greats with Maradona, Di Stefano and Pele, and perhaps Messi as a character player and more dazzling than Messi, but not greater than Ronaldo and maybe winning the World Cup with Argentina will make us sign his greatness from Ronaldo and any other player. perhaps you may never Ataathakq Aj B We have something that is fair to Anthdt about Messi Ronaldo historical advantage, but Ronaldo is capable with Portugal's youth to achieve the World Cup and then we'll talk at the time that Ronaldo has already become the greatest of all and over the centuries.

    Messi has played 691 matches in all his history, scoring 554 goals, including 76 penalties, 229 goals, 30 titles, Ronaldo scoring 846 games, scoring 586 goals, including 100 penalties, scoring 204 goals and scoring 19 titles.