Switch Manager on the same team.

  • Hi there OSM fellahs,
    My brother used to have the iPhone im currently using and his name is, obviously quite offensive. As I've had read, you can't switch accounts on your app but, I've already started a league with plenty of friends of mine so my question is:
    My brother says he will delete his account so I can logon to a new one with my current phone, but I wanna make sure that I can take the spot with the new account of Valencia as soon as I resign from it with this account. Is it possible? The league is private and nobody will take the place since I pretty much know everyone there.
    Thanks for your help in advance, just don't wanna lose the work I've put on the team.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    any manager with an account, can manage any team, in any league, only if he hasn't resigned from that team...and as long as this league is private i don't see how you will lose this team...
    Just to remind that it is not allowed to managers having more than ONE accounts...

  • Hi, welcome.

    Yes, the name is very offensive and for that reason it's already locked.
    I want to ask you to send a email to: EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com for further support.