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    les transferts dans le championnats dans laquelle je joue sont très rares
    merci de me répondre

  • @chatti-youssef Hello my friend and welcome to the World forum 🙂

    I have to inform you that in here we must all use only the English language for our posts.
    I could see that you opened another topic on the French forum about the same question.
    Therefore you have found your own Group of language . That's great! :ok_hand_tone2:

    About the transfers in a league : Yes sometimes it takes a lot of days to sell a player, especially when we play in big leagues with many Clubs . As the league progresses and usually after the second half of it , the transfers are decreasing round after round. And if the league has many human managers , yes sometimes we get to wait 4 or 5 days to sell a player because the prices of the players get too high as time goes by . Tranfers are random , so all you have to do is to be patient and wait for your turn to get lucky. 😉