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    I wanna start a new competition but when i click on the coinsbutton it do not work.

    Anyone an idea how i can fix this?

  • @Richard-Zwartjes_NL Hi, welcome.
    There's a known issue on android users, it will be fixed as soon as possible.
    In the mean time please use the website to choose your team.

  • @Hespera

    I already playing on the internet not with the app.
    Now the problem is not fixt yet it cost me 200 coins or more to start a new competition

  • @Richard-Zwartjes_NL But this is through website phone and I would like you to try it through website laptop/PC.

    If that also does not work then I need you to fill in the complete bug template that you can find here: important-info-please-read

  • @Hespera

    I dont own a laptop or PC i only use my phone so thats gonna be difficult! I had this problem earlier and thats a long time ago and its still a bug.

  • Did you also cleared cookies/cache or tried another browser?
    There's no bug on the web version, otherwise a lot of managers would have reported it.
    So this is something local.

  • administrators

    Since there's not enough time to filter this season, I've set it for you on your S2. Same settings as the ones on the screenshot!

    I believe this is a browser issue on your mobile.

    • Have you tried to install another browser?
    • Which OSM do you have? If iOS or Android, have you ever tried to configure next season on Apps?

    Can you please try to configure your next season on another account and if it doesn't work, please provide us the following info:

    • Mobile device
    • OS Type and version
    • Browser type and version

  • Since there's no respons from the OP, the topic can be closed.

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