Help.. a cheater that won't go away

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    Hello I have a problem.. there's this guy in my league that has multiple accounts in the league and I have been reporting him since yesterday but nothing is happening.. please someone tells what to do now ..

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    Hello mate,
    every manager who has been reported and found cheating will get what he deserves...give some time to our staff members to look into it...they are all volunteers and give their free time to help all of us..😉

  • @Sameh-klopp Hello mate and thank you for visiting the forum. :slight_smile:

    But you must understand that anything that has to do with potential cheating it is not to be discussed on the public forums! Whenever we suspect a fellow manager of cheating all we have to do is :

    • Follow the standard procedure and report him via the tool that you are already aware of.
    • No names should ever be mentioned, no screen shots whatsoever are allowed in here ( but only on your cheat reports ), cause it is the Staff's job to investigate each case , find proof and decide if there has been any cheating or none at all ! Yes, some managers do report others by accident due to false impressions.
    • Each cheat report takes at least 72 hours before it's reviewed and handled. So please be patient !

    Thank you in advance for your understanding. :handshake_tone2:

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