• Portuguese Users

    Is it considered cheating if I create another account even though I dont use it in the same "league" as my main account?
    Is it cheating If I have 2 accounts but in COMPLETELY differente Countries and Leagues?

  • @Ahrora Hi, welcome.
    If you read the osm terms of use then you would have found the awnser to this question.

    1. You may not create and/or manage more than one account at OSM. This includes accounts in different leagues.

  • @Ahrora Hi there. 🙂
    Since you put it this way ... No it cannot be considered as cheating but it still makes you a multi account manager and that is against the OSM Terms of use.
    Have you read them mate?
    And for what purpose would it ever help you to have more than one account on this game ?
    Are you telling us that a single account and 4 Club Slots are not good enough for you? I'm really interested to hear your thoughts about it and understand what made you post this question. 😉