[¿Porq Uno no puede Tener Dos Cuentas?]

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    Hola OSM Forum Una Pregunta x q uno no puede tener dos cuentas ala ves un x q amigo le suspendieron la cuenta temporal mente y xq?? esa es mi pregunta OSM..

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    Hello, because you can not have two accounts at a time
    OSM Forum A Question x q you can not have two accounts you see a friend x x you suspended the temporary mind account and xq ?? That is my OSM question

  • @Kevin-Josuex2 Hello to you too Kevin and welcome to the World forum. 🙂

    I was not able to understand all of your post but at least I did get your title.
    You are the second manager today asking us the same question :
    Why we cannot have a second account on OSM ?

    Well my friend, first of all it is against the OSM Terms of use , as you can and must read them in here : https://en.onlinesoccermanager.com/Terms

    Secondly , you must understand that OSM is a highly competitive , complex and tough game and that loads of managers take it very seriously ! So each manager must have the same chances and opportunities to become successful in his OSM career and climb on his Country's and also on the World ranking .
    That means that each manager must have only one account and strictly personal too and use his four Club Slots for his leagues.

    It would not be fair at all if some of the managers had one account and others had two or more while fighting for a better and higher place on the World ranking. Is this answer clear enough for you Kevin ?

    ⚠ Be sure that you understood all of the above my friend, cause any manager that might be found as a multi account one will get immediately locked forever and will lose all of his or her accounts.