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  • How to kick outsiders from a friends league ? I have created a league but one guy entered without permission, during a test I was doing. I am the moderator of the league and I tried to talk to him so he understood that it is a league of friends, but so far he has not answered and continues to play.

    What can i do to kick him from my private league?

  • @sérgio_pereira You can kick a manager if he is not active more than 3 days, next time don't create your league through Moderator tools, of course if the manager understand you and resign from the league

  • @Davemx1984170 This could have been said in a different kind of tone.

    @SÉRGIO_PEREIRA You can only kick managers for inactivity.
    That manager has every right to be in your your league if you turnt the league open for a moment of testing.

    So unless he becomes inactive there's nothing that can be done.

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