• Hello. Excuse me but i just want to inform or say that my game schedule is saying that my team is playing with another team (Watford) and it has been hours now since the first time i saw it saying "Game in Play".

    i'm pretty sure something is not right. and i would like to continue playing and moving up to next matches. will it be ok with you if you can fix it as soon as possible please?

    i really enjoy playing and i'm really looking forward to continue playing and enjoying the game really soon. Thank You

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    @Lady-Bethany-Joy Hi, welcome.
    There's a minor bug with the info shown on leagues created after simulation starts. We'll be fixing it ASAP.
    If league creation is after the start of simulations, it will show that match is in play during all day, but after next sim, all will be fine!

    Your next simulation is already done by now.
    So could you please confirm that the problem is fixed now?

  • same issue as well

  • Hopefully gets fixed

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    @tomatosauce67 Yes, we read your topics.
    But please do not spam in some other managers topic, we don't want to see someone else his topic with only your name in it.
    Thanks for understanding.

  • English Moderator

    No respons from the OP, but I can see that it's fixed.
    So time to close this.

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