• Now this would be a little confusing.
    Right now in the EPL, Bellerin plays for Arsenal and Barcelona are interested in signing him, same with Coutinho. But here in OSM, only teams in the EPL are allowed to bid for a player who plays in the same league. Why is it so? If I'm managing Man Utd, only fellow EPL teams declare interest in my players. Why isn't it possible for clubs from other leagues to declare interest in my players like it happens in real life? I really need answers


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    It isn't that way exactly......other teams, buy the players you put on the transfer list...and they are not only teams from your league.....and most times you sell your players on the highest price...don't you ?? so why do you need some other team (out of your league) to make a bid on a player ?
    There are also some technical difficulties...... let's say you play Spanish league with Barcha, and some manager from your league, wants Messi...he finds another Spanish league and manage to buy you are both in the same league and you have both Messi..!!! ...imagine also, different time zones, different servers and all the mess it would happen....

  • I understand your point about the technical difficulties. But then, if you can make it possible for a league not having two same players playing at the same time, you can still do this.
    Maybe this is how you guys could do it, for example I'm managing Barcelona and the players on the transfer list don't suit my needs. There can be an option where you click 'search' and it will redirect you to other leagues apart from the Spanish league. You can click on England and take a look at the good players there. Now maybe if Chelsea has Messi and you as a Barcelona manager has Messi too, its either you will not be allowed to bid for Messi if you see him in the Chelsea squad or you can make it possible for Messi not to be shown in the list of players in the Chelsea team. In this way, it will be more interesting if other foreign clubs bid for your own players cos the prices the small clubs controlled by computer bid for your players are hugely embarrassing.

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    It's not that easy...hope you understand that....and if you want a player you can also use the scout and try find him and buy him...OSM is based on simplicity, which is why is so popular...but who knows...maybe in the future we can see an option like the one you propose....😉