Credits bought just disappeared

  • Hi, I bought a medium pack yesterday. Everything went fine, the 500 credits were credited but suddenly disappeared this morning. Can you please advise? Thx

  • English Moderator

    @Esckiss Hello my friend and welcome to the World forum. :)
    Of course we will help you out with your lost Boss coins but you need to send an email at the OSM support team.
    Please use this address : - since your profile says you're from France. ;)
    Make sure you write down a detailed explanation and use a screen shot if possible.
    Thank you in advance.

  • administrators

    Hi Esckiss,

    Sorry to hear this. I checked this for you and you're right. This was due to our server problems. I'll refund your Boss Coins. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Best regards,

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