• Hi support, I have a problem in my acount. The problem si that yesterday I put 2 players to train and I saw that the time that they spend training are 172:56:36 and it is imposible because the time that the coach says is 8 hours.
    Can you resolve this problem in my acount please??

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    Hi, please fill in the bug template below;

    Login: (Login of the user with the bug)
    Account: (Slot1, Slot2, Slot3, Slot4)
    League number: (not mandatory if you don't know how to find it)
    Date & Time of the bug: (This should be as accurate as possible, for developers to check error logs)
    Platform: (Website PC/Mobile, Facebook, Android App, iPhone App, iPad App) ***
    Screenshots: (Full screen - URL and time should be presented)
    Bug step-by-step Description: (The ideal is that you describe all the steps you do to reproduce the error)
    ***For bugs related with the full website and Facebook versions, please add:
    ***For bugs related with the Android App and iOS App versions, please add:
    App Version:
    Brand/type device:
    OS version:

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    No respons from the OP, time to close this topic.

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