Can't accept/deny players for my private competition.. :-(

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    So today I made a competition in OSM.
    A few of my friends wanted to join this competition, but I can't accept them. I tried it on PC (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and I also tried it on my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy A5 2017). But when I want to accept/deny my friends for the competition, I get an error every time. On my phone it says: 'Error 404, player not found' and on my PC it says that 'There's something that went wron'.
    I would really appreciate help, because me and my friends would like to play this competition!

    If there already was a topic about this subject, then I am very sorry. Thanks in advance for the help!

  • Moderator NL

    This is a known bug. See your topic on the Dutch Support forum.

  • @FC-Eddie_NL Thank you for your help Eddie! 🙂