Why is this player's manager points higher than mine?

  • My league has played just 1 day so far.

    My team: objective 16, current position 1, manager points 60
    His/her team: objective 7, current position 3, manager points 142

    Can someone explain this? Why do I have fewer manager points, despite my better result?

  • @Obfuscator Hi, mate.. Maybe I can explain...

    I've just checked your league. You just won 5-1 against New England Revolution, a computer team. And I think your rival said above won 2-0 against Atlanta United, managed by a human manager, but that manager resigned after he lost the match. As you might know that winning against human manager will earn much more Mpt than against computer. That's why.

    And I have to say this. I really don't like that kind of manager.

  • That makes sense! Thanks!

  • @Hansinho
    Seems you were right! Today I won my second match against a real player, and got many more points than for the first one (against AI). Now I'm ahead 420 to 190.
    Thanks again!

  • English Moderator

    @Obfuscator & @Hansinho True, our friend Hans was right 100% and thank you both gentlemen for your posts here. :smile:

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