Financial Awards الجوائز المالية

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    What are the La Liga Financial Awards
    , Such as winning the league and cup and achieving the goal at the end of the season?
    ما هي الجوائز المالية في نهاية الدوري الاسباني في الفوز بالدوري و الكأس

  • @تيتو-ده-انا Hello my friend and welcome to OSM and World forum 🙂

    For each completed league each manager is rewarded with the 2,5% of the total manager points ( aka MPs ) in bonus Boss Coins. It makes no difference if you have won the 1st position or the Cup of the league. After all , every winning round is calculated in points. Therefore , if let's say you finished a league with 5000 MPs that means you will get around 125 Boss Coins as a reward for your performance.

    ⚠ Make sure you click on the Claim button , when the league is finished and the window pops for you to recieve your bonus coins. 😉

    P.S. Please keep in mind that only the English language is needed while you're using the World forum.
    Thank you my friend and best of luck with your leagues! :v_tone2: