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    I am playing with chelsea, and my teams value is nearly 500m all of my attackers are 100 and above three midfielders are 99, 101 and 99, and my defenders are 95,95,99,90 my goalkeeper is 105. my question is, my opponent is westbrom albion and he used training camp, and it is away game for me. Do i have to use it? or I should be fine? his team is okay, ATK 87,86,72 - MID 87,80,80,79 - DEF 88,77,76,76 - GK 79. Can someone help me? my game is in 5 hours. Thank you!

  • @abdullah7ina Hi there and welcome to the World forum 🙂
    About your question ; You do know that a TC boosts a team up to 25% , yes ?
    And since your opponent is getting the Home advantage too that means an "x" percentage for his Stadium too.
    The exact percentage depends on how much or fast a manager tries to upgrade his Stadium level in every way
    Your options : a) You can either risk ( since you are playing Away too ) and play a strong defensive game for tonight without the usage of a TC . Just try to counter back his settings and of course use your top rated and most fitted/rested players on your first 11 line up.
    Or b) If you really need this win you should return the favor and camp him back !

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    Thanks mate for the quick response!!! I might risk it, it is the 2nd game week and I know for sure he did not improve his stadium, but as you said I will use the counter attack instead of a passing game and how about the tempo? style? and pressing should I increase them? and should I am currently doing a 433 formation should I use 5 Defenders instead? all of my players are fit and can play. Im going to put the midfielder to stay in position but the attackers to attack only, what do you think?

    Thank you!!

  • @abdullah7ina Oy ! My friend hold your horses now ! Haha. That's a new question and you should use the Tactics Requests topic for that matter. 😉

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    @SUPERNOVA-8 haha okay mate thanks a lot!

  • @abdullah7ina My pleasure mate ! 🙂

    Here's the link for Tactics https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/76/tactics-requests/1148
    I will now close your topic , move it to Support category where it belongs and I'll wish you best of luck !