Leagues still gone, together with coins

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    I was participating in 3 leagues (all but one in the starting phase), all of which disappeared about a week ago. I invested a few hundred coins in some of them already. Now all my previous leagues are gone, as are my coins. I could join the same country league but I did not have my previous team in which I invested the coins (that I bought for actual money btw).

    I already reported this on this forum, got the reply that it's being worked on and report back if still not working after 24 hours, then the topic got closed, I cannot reply anymore, and nothing changed. Thanks (not).

  • @Appsec-Gabor Hi, welcome.
    If GB is working on things there's no need to keep topics open, we gave instructions what to do if it was not fixed within 24 hours.

    Reading a message like this also means that you didn't follow the instructions.

    But your case is fixed now and there's no need to keep this topic open.