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    Argentina A and B


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  • Hello,

    could I make proposal for Yugoslavia team from Nostalgian Cup A league that you include at least one Bosnian player in it? I would propose this earlier, but never got a chance to play this league till now. Historically, Bosnia had some notable football players that have played for Yugoslavian national team, and also has some players now that would probably make it's first team.

    Yugoslavia was a country of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia& Herzegovina. I don't really know why there isn't any Bosnian player included in this squad when every other nation has it's representatives. It's historically inaccurate and somehow unfair. At least these notable football names deserve not to be forgotten. I propose including at least 2 Bosnian players, as I could make even a bigger list, but it's not needed as players mentioned here, believe me, are well known here.

    Proposals would be:

    1. Safet Sušić - Midfielder - Paris Saint Germain's voted best foreign player in history, absolute legend for Yugo team. I don't think there is anyone that doesn't know this guy in this region. 54 caps for Yugoslavia and 21 goals.

    2. Faruk Hadžibegić - Defender - Member of famous Yugoslav selection that took place on World cup in Italy. Played for Sarajevo, Betis, Sochaux and Toulouse. 49 caps for Yugoslavia and 6 goals.

    3. Mehmed Baždarević - Attacking midfielder - Member of Yugoslav team that made it to Euro 84 in France, and Olympic games 84 in Los Angeles. Made 54 apps for Yugoslavia with 4 goals.

    4. Josip Katalinski - Defender - One of the legends of Yugoslav football, made 43 apps and 10 goals. Played for Željezničar in BiH, and Nice in France

    Since there are some players from current players in this Yugoslav nostalgian team, there should be:

    1. Edin Džeko - Attacker - One of the most prolific attackers in last 20 years from ex-Yugoslavian region. League champion with Wolfsburg and Manchester city, Bundesliga top scorer, Top scorer of Uefa Euro league and Seria A, top 10 goalscorers in history of AC ROMA, captain of Bosnian team and player with most goals and apps for Bosnia - 99 aps - 55 goals. Deserves his place!

    2. Miralem Pjanić - Midfielder - One of the most expensive players from this region at the moment, playmaker for Juventus, played huge role in Lyon and Roma, 84 apps for Bosnia and 11 goals.

  • I'd like to concur with @Danteus about that and also to propose a few changes to the African All Stars as I believe Africa isn't made of just 5 countries namely would be better to see other regions represented to apart from Western countries as most players in line-up are from there there so many others we could bring to mix it up a bit kinda like
    M-Victor Wanyama - Tottenham - KENYA
    F-Dan Sserunkuma- Express - UGANDA
    Salah from the north
    Aubameyang from the central Arica (Gabon) and many others please check on this too , thanks 🙂

  • Global Staff

    @carlos-wallace said in REAL WORLD PLAYER ERRORS & CORRECTIONS:

    Nations League B
    there is: Artem Dyzuba
    it should be: Artem Dzyuba

    Fixed. thanks

  • Global Staff

    @adhurim-dakajj said in REAL WORLD PLAYER ERRORS & CORRECTIONS:

    Arbër Zeneli used to play for Sweden but now he plays for his country Kosovo, maybe you can fix it soon.
    alt text

    Fixed, thanks

  • Global Staff


    Roda JC misses some players.

    They all ready make an debut

    Apologies for delay - will review NL league today/tomorrow and add any missing players

  • Global Staff


    Harit from Morocco, He played the 2018 World Cup with Morocco but in Schalke he is from France .. I hope to correct that error

    Thanks, fixed

  • Global Staff

    @sotirisninis61 said in REAL WORLD PLAYER ERRORS & CORRECTIONS:

    Nigerian goalkeeper Francis Uzoho(who played for Nigeria in World Cup 2018) is not put to Elche squad.He was loaned by Deportivo La Coruna to Elche in 24/08/2018.The link is here:

    Already done

  • Global Staff

    @massinxbarca_nl said in REAL WORLD PLAYER ERRORS & CORRECTIONS:

    RCD Espanyol:

    Thanks, fixed

  • Dear @blob59 any news on Serie C (Italy)?
    Serie B and Serie C are very "confused" this year, but they still exist 😂

  • I'd like any kind of reaction on my proposal, is it possible to review this?

  • English Moderator

    @danteus Hi Dante! 🙂 As you can see your post with your suggestions was not deleted , for a very good reason mate.

    Every single post in here coming from managers with their any corrections or suggestions is : a) being viewed and read thoroughly , b) followed by research and verification ( proving authenticity ) of your submitted data , c) then followed by a quoted reply to the manager of interest by the League Manager and d) the original manager's post gets deleted ( report closed ) to save space for the new/future incoming posts.
    We appreciate all of your good efforts and we thank you for your help but we also need from you to patiently await of your own replies to come in time. 🤝

  • Feyenoord is missing Orkun Kökcü. He even scored a goal a week ago.
    He got a contract a while ago.

  • I noticed that the player card of the Slovakian midfielder Stanislav Lobotka (Celta de Vigo) has a typo, since it says Stanislav Lobtoka.

  • Portuguese Users

    Sporting CP players need to be added and updated. Miguel Luís 60??? ffs
    And Renan 66?? Are you kidding me. Why not change the objective right away to 2 or 3 then?

    I think someone from fifica is doing Sporting CP players ratings. Obviously.

  • German Users

    Hi.Georgian goalkeeper has joined to 2. Bundesliga league team magdeburg on the winter transfer season,when will he be added?

  • Don't know if this is the right place, but I found a duplicated player.

    Trincão is not only in Braga from Portuguese League, but also in their second team Braga B in Portuguese second league.

  • Hi, Mehdi Torabi transferred to Persepolis FC from Saipa (

  • Some transfers of the Argentina A league of Boca Juniors. If it is not being updated I hope the information is useful. Thanks

    Name of player Poss Link From To
    Agustin Rossi Goalkeeper Link Boca Juniors Antofagasta
    Marcelo Weigandt Defender Link Boca Juniors II Boca Juniors
    Kevin Mac Allister Defender Link Argentinos Jrs Boca Juniors
    Fernando Gago Midfielder Link Boca Juniors Without club
    Nicolás Capaldo Midfielder Link Boca Juniors II Boca Juniors
    Agustín Obando Forward Link Boca Juniors II Boca Juniors

  • And others also of the Argentina A league but of River Plate:

    Name of player Position Link From To
    Robert Rojas Defender Link Guarani River Plate
    Kevin Sibille Defender Link River Plate II River Plate
    Fabrizio Angileri Defender Link Godoy Cruz River Plate
    Nahuel Gallardo Defender Link River Plate II River Plate
    Tomás Andrade Midfieder Link River Plate Athletico Paranaense
    Santiago Sosa Midfielder Link River Plate U20 River Plate
    Cristian Ferreira Midfielder Link River Plate II River Plate
    Juan Quintero Midfielder Link FC Porto River Plate
    Julián Álvarez Forward Link River Plate U20 River Plate

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