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    Hey guys , this is my first time posting in the forums btw
    So I have a guy called " **** " , that has other 2 accounts in my league , so he can facilitate his game.
    I've been reporting him but nothing happens so I decided to post here a few prints to see how this guy works .
    (screens removed)
    As you can see he has 3 accounts : His primary "" **** " and the others " **** " and " **** "
    Not only in my league does he have 3 accounts but in the other clubs he trains he has also them .

    Thank you and hope for some administrator to solve this problem.

  • @Gtbitwesd1 Hi, welcome.
    I'm sorry but cheatings will never be discussed or reported through forums.
    If you want to report it then you can go to the managers profile and report it through our system.