• Portuguese Users

    In our private league the game countdown was set to arrive at 0 at 8:30pm local time but the games started at 7pm local time, this made several teams lose games due to not having completed the team and tactics in time before game. How can this happen?

  • English Users

    This happened to me, I was in the middle of doing my tactics with 27 minutes to go and I lost as a result. This is complete utter bullshit. I did a friendly immediately after and won 4-0 which is what I would have won had I had the correct tactics. This is so unfair, please do something about this.

  • Portuguese Users

    Same, after the match i got a friendly in with the same opponent and won. This is really stupid tbh. This game has been "alive" for so long and still has dumb bugs like this...

  • French Users

    Same here, French cup Semi-finals for me ... i loose against a team who i beat 2 times during the season, and i won easilly in friendly just after the match ...
    Btw, i have the same problem for my three account, all the games was played one hour (two hour for spain league) before.

  • English Users

    Take it nothing is gonna be done about this so we just get screwed?

  • Moderator NL

    There were some problems with the servers, so there was an emergency meassurement done to simulation times. This caused games to be played sooner than they were previously simulated on some servers. Sadly the timers weren't adjusted to this emergency meassure and the changes made to simulation times wasn't communicated beforehand. Apologies from Gamebasics on that end. Timers are now adjusted properly to new simulation times.

  • @FC-Eddie_NL said in Game countdown was wrong:

    Thank you very much Eddie for your help and explanation given to our fellow managers.
    Timers were indeed fixed and adjusted to the new times, way before the kick offs of last simulations. :ok_hand_tone2: