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    It happened the following, I had an account connected with Facebook, and I went to create another account, so I manage the two. Only a notification appeared for me to activate this 2 account, and the option to activate with Facebook or with the email. I selected the option to activate the account with facebook, thinking that nothing abnormal would happen, however ... I ended up losing my other account (which was activated with Facebook), in which I already had a certain history, with 8 titles, more than 10 completed goals, cup titles, plus the 5 teams I've been training lately, with good results. I would like the OSM team to solve this, because I think it is very unfair, you do not make it clear that I would lose my 1 account by activating the other with Facebook, and I hope you recover my 1 account because I am one of the most Faithful, but if they do not recover, I will be one more to abandon them because of a gambling problem.

  • @douglas-sk Hi, welcome.
    I really would advice you to remove 1 of the two accounts now.
    If you check our Terms (http://www.onlinesoccermanager.com/Terms) you can read on point 2 that having more than one account is not allowed on OSM.

    After that you can sent a email to: EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com