Joining without permission!

  • Arabic Users

    even I made it Private league, some people joined!!Could you please kick them all and i will invite only what i will send them.

  • @d7om_9 Hi, I already told you they won't get kicked.
    But you can kick them if they become inactive after three days.

  • Arabic Users

    I understand.
    But I did not accept them! Why are they in? Please figure something or cancel the league and create new one.

  • You created 4 topis about same issue already... You were unpolite on all of them, our admin helped you and asked you to behave.
    You insisted on same behaviour, so this will be our last warning, if you insist, we'll ban you!

    We can't help you now, only admins can do it, but be aware that the chances of those users been removed from your league are really small.
    It's weekend and admins won't be around on weekends, so you'll have to wait until monday. Until then, please keep calm and show some respect.

  • Arabic Users

    I am so sorry about my behavior and I will not behave badly again. Sorry again I was angry about those managers who joined without my permission. I repeat again what I can do now of the issue not from me? So COULD YOU PLEASE ether delete them or stop the league.

    Kind regards.