My compo s1 just opened, can it be deleted?

  • Is it possible someone can delete my competition so i can open a new one?? Ik want to play with soms people of work, but i opened one with my subaccount instead of my main account ;s

  • @sineplexx_NL or is it possible to replace the competition to my main account, its obviously a mistake and i wanna play since a while again.. Only there changed a lot 😮

  • Hi, welcome.

    I'm sorry but leagues will not be removed, you can resign after the first match has been played.
    But if you created the league one of your subs, then why not start the league on your Slot 1 and resign with your sub after the first match?

  • @Hespera Because normally i only play on my main account, so its a waste of time to play on my subaccount.. In all these years osm is still nothing for their players, its nice to know anyway.. But thanks for your help anyway, i know you cant do anything about this.. But in my opinion osm can do so much more to make their players happy.. I will quit after 1st day, and i will never come back

  • @sineplexx_NL Remember that this is not something from our side and it could have been avoided by simply being more carefull.
    Well since you will resign and never come back, there's no need to keep the topic open.

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