Switch from Dutch version to the International version

  • Dear all,

    I currently use the Dutch OSM version and would like to play with a friend of mine who uses the International version. Is there a way to transfer my account? I've looked at other posts at this forum, but they all seem to focus from switching from International to Dutch which is not helpful.

    Also if I simply try to create a new International account with the Android app, I can only create a manager name if I start out in a random league (so not the one with my friend).

    Can anybody help me with this?

    Kind regards

  • @RockVoncko_NL Hi, welcome.
    It's not possible to switch from dutch version to world/international version.

    So if I understand it correct you also already have a world account now?
    If you want to play together with your friend the easiest thing to do is add your friend to your friendlist and then invite him, only possible if both play same version of course.

  • Okay, thank you for your quick reply!

  • @RockVoncko_NL Your welcome.